After my brother’s suicide I was thrown into a world that had been completely turned upside down.  Confused, terrified, furious, and utterly devastated I took to writing as a way to help me sort and release the heavy confusion of erratic emotions.  I started to write out the story of the events as they unfolded through my eyes, my thoughts and my feelings.  In this time of tragedy I felt it was important for me to be brutally honest with myself.  This has been and remains to be a tremendous and extremely slow-moving work in progress.  I had never intended to share this with anyone, but somewhere along my journey that changed.  The notion that my experience with suicide might be able to shed light on a topic that is still, sadly, taboo, help someone through a similar situation, and let people in, in a way I never have, gave me the courage to put it out there. Nothing that I have written is intended to hurt or offend, although I am not naive to the fact that it may.  As I said before this is entirely MINE and the one thing I will not do is apologize for my feelings.


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  1. Good for you, Lexi. Do what you need to do. I believe one never needs to apologize for the feelings they have. That’s why they’re personal. Only someone who has been in the same place can ever understand what you’re going through. Keep up your writing. It’s a great outlet, and one I firmly believe in.

  2. If you didn’t figure it out…..Click on the “Home” tab it will take you to Lexi’s story. If you click on the tab above “RISE” it will tell you more about the RISE bike tour and how to donate!

    • Thanks, Rhonda.

      I am so proud to know you. I can’t imagine where you draw your strength,
      insight, and eloquence from….so many of us who love your family just don’t
      know what to say…and we miss Mikey, too.I had seen people mourn in my 50-plus years, but I saw and understood anguish that day at the hospital with your family…deep and profound anguish. I felt like an intruder witnessing something too extremely personal, but I couldn’t leave my chair feeling I would let you down.
      My boys and I will continue to spread the word about organ donation and donate to RISE, hoping you and your family know, that although we don’t always know how to say it, we think of him, and send prayers for all who love him–Renata

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